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Impressie tekening van klimpark Zeeland: Kanoa.


New Arrivals

May 2021

Kanoa Outdoor

Team Kanoa

Sometimes it just clicks. You feel that you understand each other and that you have the same goal. In 2021, Bouw het Avontuur has built a highropes with us (Kanoa) to our full satisfaction. 

We have had a lot of contact from the first idea to the first concept. There are quite a few choices to make. Building a ropescourse is complex, everything from safety of the construction to the choice of the belay system is extremely important. Bouw het avontuur has always advised and thought along. I have the feeling that we have come to the right solution together.

The construction itself was a big party. You can see the course grow every day!  From the moment the poles were placed it really became visible and tangible. To top it off, we installed a 20-metre starting tower. Spectacular! The construction team stayed at our location. Working every day on the park, having lunch together, having fun and every now and then evaluating by the campfire. 

It's exactly how we like to do business. Clarity and professionalism, but with the right dose of fun and relaxation. We hope to work with them for many years to come. I can build on them!


Het dak van de toren wordt naar boven gehezen in het klimpark van Kano.

Take a look!

In 2021 we built a large highropes in collaboration with Kanoa Outdoor. The course consists of a more than 20 meter high tower, Tipi tower, 29 poles, 4 routes, 10 ziplines and a free fall!

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