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Impressie tekening van Klimpark Twiske.


New Arrivals

may 2020

Highropes Twiske

Team Twiske

Klimpark Twiske is a gift for the recreation area and for anyone who has already visited the largest ropescourse in North Holland. The Park was built by Bouw het Avontuur in the person of Walter Bisselink and his team.

From March 15, 2020 to August 1, construction has taken place with occasional mandatory breaks due to Corona and all new rules regarding environmental permits. It took 4.5 months and there was the opening, which brought a lot of crowds.


With many enthusiastic employees and a good core team, we mainly set to work to realize expansion and to improve the flow of traffic in the Park. Now a course with 88 obstacles at 3 height levels of 4, 8 and 12 meters and a children's course at 1 meter height for the little ones. Two Ziplines of 125 meters are a great experience for everyone.


The entrance as well as the square at the starting tower have now been given a lot of atmosphere through all kinds of functional decoration such as hammocks, picnic sets and a lounge corner.


Prior to construction, we fought as a team to jointly have the permits and other documentation ready for construction. During construction, commitment and safety and working as a team are very necessary. Good agreements and pursue the planned construction period as closely as possible.


We have benefited a lot from the experience of our partner Bouw het Avontuur in tackling education and training as well as the problems during a start-up as quickly as possible in addition to construction. Already 3 years on the road with many good instructors and a great collaboration with  Bouw het Avontuur we have received more than 60,000 visitors so far.


Expansion of our Park is certainly necessary from now on in the form of more activities on the ground. This idea has resulted in the construction of jeu de boule courts and an 18-hole mini golf course.


Robert Broekema

Director Climbing Park Twiske


At the beginning of 2020, we built a climbing park in the Twiske recreational area, close to Amsterdam. The park features 2 towers, 2 big zips, a free fall and more than 80 obstacles.  

Take a look!

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