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Impressie tekening van Klimpark Streekbos.


New Arrivals


Highropes Streekbos

Team Streekbos

The guys from Bouw het Avontuur are very experienced and professional in building and maintaining ropescourses and obstacles. The guys work hard, like to have a good time and can help you find specific solutions on location. Work likes to do and certainly not from 9 to 5, but the very extensive lunch is never skipped.

Lindy van Grieken - manager Klimpark Streekbos

De palen worden geplaatst door Bouw het Avontuur.

The first highropes we were allowed to build is in Bovenkarspel. Consisting of 22 poles, a tower, 2 ziplines and 43 obstacles. With a view of the beautiful nature in the recreation area while climbing!

Take a look!

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