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Yes We Can Clinics

New Arrivals

June 2023

Ropescourse Yes We Can Clinics

The ropescourse built in trees is an unforgettable project that was recently realized. With great care and in consultation with the customer, the ropescourse was designed to offer young people with mental problems a safe space to push their limits and at the same time to determine their comfort zone.


The ropescourse is a place where young people can overcome their fears as they move above the ground, high in the trees. Each obstacle is placed in constructive order to help fellows build their confidence and boost their self-esteem.

By participating in the challenge, the young people can literally and figuratively indicate and/or push their boundaries. They are allowed to move at their own pace, respect their comfort zone and determine when they are ready to reach a new height.


The ropescourse creates a stimulating environment in which young people develop their skills, collaborate with their peers and build confidence to overcome obstacles, both physical and mental.


"As Yes We Can Clinics, we have been working together with Bouw Het Avontuur for some time, through inspections and adjustments of our various height components that we do within our clinic. When our height ropescourse was due for major maintenance, we started brainstorming with Bouw Het Avontuur how we could get even more out of our ropescourse for the benefit of the development of the young people who are being treated by us, Bouw Het Avontuur has thought along very well with us, and especially kept in mind our vision and wish that we had in mind. As a result, we created a fantastic design! Together we came up with very creative and out-of-the-box elements, and everything was negotiable and thought along with it! We received a very nice 3D design with which we could digitally walk through, this gave a good idea of how it would turn out. With a few adjustments, we had a final design that we were both very satisfied with. During construction it was a very pleasant collaboration, quick consultation and switching, so that the ropescourse was ready within the planned time used to be. There was also extensive training for us, so that we immediately got to know the course inside and out. We are very happy and excited about the result and the entire collaboration.”

Ferry Greevink, Sports and Development Program Coordinator


Take a look!

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