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New Arrivals


Highropes Discoverypark

We recently built a brand new ropescourse in scenic Castlecomer, Ireland. The project was a success and brings a fantastic combination of adventure and natural experience.

The course has been carefully designed with respect for the beautiful surroundings of Castlecomer. Each pole of the park was strategically placed to take advantage of the breathtaking scenery, allowing adventure seekers to feel surrounded by ancient trees and scenic views during their climbing adventures.

Hospitality was second to none throughout the building process as the local community in Castlecomer welcomed us with open arms. The Irish are known for their warm and friendly nature, and we received a warm welcome during our stay in this charming village.


The construction of the ropescourse not only enhanced Castlecomer's tourist appeal, but also created new opportunities for adventurous travelers and local visitors. People of all ages and skill levels come together to experience the course and enjoy its unique combination of adventure and natural splendor.

The new highropes at Castlecomer has not only enriched the local community, but also added a sense of wonder and excitement to Ireland's stunning scenery. It's a place where people come together, push boundaries and enjoy everything this beautiful part of Ireland has to offer.

Team Discoverypark

In 2020 I became Manager at Castlecomer Discovery Park, Kilkenny, Ireland, at the time I was looking for advice on maintenance of our ropes courses. Walter Bisselink from was recommended to me. He kindly made a visit to our adventure park and was so generous with his time and advice, also supporting us by securing materials and sending them over to us when we needed them. So, when we decided we wanted to upgrade our park, we called Bouw Het Avontuur!

Our first project with Walter & Jeroen was extending our low ropes course, this project took place in 2021. From start to finish it was so easy to deal with all the team, designing a cool new ropes course that would challenge kids and make it fun and entertaining. The majority of the work was carried out at their HQ in Netherlands and shipped over, with main construction of poles and ground works being planned to maximise time efficiency. We were absolutely delighted with the result. Have a look here

The next project we wanted to undertake was replacing our Tree Top Walk, a very popular but outdated ropes course. Walter & Jeroen (and all the team) came over to meet with us and we planned and designed a ropes course to our requirements. The build was seamless, on time and on budget. We had no issues at all with the project, all we could hear was great music and singing most days (hello Nelis!)


The project is now called The Skywalk Challenge and is open to the public and the feedback has been amazing, with our visitors really enjoying the creative design. 

We highly recommend Bouw Het Avontuur for any project, they are a delight to deal with and hopefully we can work with them again.

Kathy Purcell General Manager


Take a look!

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