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New Arrivals

Climbing park Twiske (NL)

At the beginning of 2020, we built a highropes in the Twiske recreational area, close to Amsterdam. The park features 2 towers, 2 big zips, a free fall and more than 80 obstacles.  


Climbing park Streekbos (NL)

The first highropes we were allowed to build is in Bovenkarspel. Consisting of 22 poles, a tower, 2 ziplines and 43 obstacles. With a view of the beautiful nature in the recreation area while climbing!


Climbing park Zeeland (NL)

In 2021 we built a large highropes in collaboration with Kanoa Outdoor. The ropescourse consists of a more than 20 meter high tower, Tipi tower, 29 poles, 4 routes, 10 ziplines and a free fall!


Climbing park de Mosten

In 2019 we built a highropes for Goodlife in Belgium. From the 2 upper routes you look out over the beautiful recreation area, including a large swimming pond and a wakeboard track! 


Lowropes Discovery Park (IR)

Recently we have built a low ropes course for the smallest children at Discovery Park in Castlecomer (Ireland). Made entirely from Robinia wood and Hercules cables, it guarantees many years of fun for the little adventurers!


Treewalk with 
bouncing nets (NL)

From spring 2022, Fundustry Harderwijk will have a treewalk with bouncing just the richer. For example, even the smallest visitors to the paintball company can enjoy themselves for hours on the bridges and bouncing nets that are shielded with nets.

New Arrivals

Castlecomer Discovery Park Highropes (IR)

We recently built a brand new climbing park in scenic Castlecomer, Ireland. The project was a success and brings a fantastic combination of adventure and natural experience.


Abseiling Water Tower (NL)

We recently installed exciting new abseiling points on an iconic water tower!


Yes We Can Clinics (NL)

The ropescourse built in trees is an unforgettable project that was recently realized. With great care and in consultation with the customer, the ropescourse was designed to offer young people with mental problems a safe space to push their limits and at the same time to determine their comfort zone.

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