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Nettenparcours bij fundustry.


Bouw klimpark Streekbos.

Realization of new adventurous projects 

Our passion lies mainly in realizing your dreams. From guidance in obtaining the right building permits to training future instructors. We are happy to supervise your project, enter into a collaboration or take it completely on our shoulders!

Uitvoering onderhoud Bouw het Avontuur.


We replace worn-out obstacles, platforms, lifelines and even poles for various highropescourses, adventure forests and outdoor sports companies. You are free to order the parts from us, but of course we can also install them for you.

Verkoop van klimuitrusting vanuit de werkplaats in Den Helder.

Climbing equipment sales 

We are supplier of various brands within the outdoor sports. We often work with materials from the Edelrid brand. 

Contact us for attractive volume discounts. 

Perioieke Contrle uitgevoerd door Bouw het Avontuur.

Periodic control

For many customers we carry out 3-monthly inspections. What characterizes our working method in this is often being able to solve the noted defects immediately, so that your park can be safely put into use the same day!

Edelrid Service Center aangeboden door Bouw he Avotuur.

Edelrid Service Center

Our team is the only one authorized in the Netherlands to perform maintenance and service on the Edelrid Smart belay (X). We inspect, clean and repair hundreds of climbing sets for many customers every year.

Opleidingen en trainingen voor instructeurs verzorgd door Bouw het Avontuur/Beleef het Avontuur.

Education and training

Among other things, we provide complete instructor training, rescue training and instructor days to refresh the knowledge of your team every year.

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